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Jet McQuiston is a jewellery designer from London working with a range of making techniques, involving traditional British craft communities and innovative technical processes such as micro laser engraving and CNC machining. Her collections are made with responsibly sourced materials including: re-cycled gold, vitreous enamel and responsibly mined or salvaged gemstones.

Jet's work is inspired by the 'micro' as a result of years collecting and curating miniature objects like skulls and shells. Jet’s interest is in how small objects can tell great stories thus her MA Jewellery Design Degree at Central Saint Martins focussed on incorporating meaningful entities in jewellery such as historical narratives, people, species and entire environments as seen in her final graduation collection. In this way Jet's jewels serve to hold precious things or memories within them- a long established tradition seen in cultures from the Egyptians to Victorians. 

If jewellery is made thoughtfully it can last for hundreds of years, becoming an heirloom object memorialising a person, event or precious piece of history. All Jet McQuiston jewellery is made with care in British workshops using traditional skills and preserving fine craftsmanship with pieces embellished using advanced machine-led processes. During their creation, pieces will pass through the hands of 8 craftspeople specialising in skilled processes such as vitreous enamelling and casting. 


By investing in Jet McQuiston jewellery you are supporting British industry and craftspeople who have trained for years to hone their skills as well as a modern technologies and innovative techniques. 


All pieces are made with responsibly sourced and recycled materials.

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